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Adventure Sunrise Desert Safari Dubai

Adventure Sunrise Morning Desert Safari and Quad Biking – When you think of Dubai, you think of the culture, the food, the shopping sprees and of course, the desert! Dubai is a grand city that has magnificent skyscrapers, lovely beaches and even better food. For every tourist, it is important to experience a place in its entirety and a tour is incomplete without a Morning sunrise Desert Safari in Dubai!

Deserts exhibit their own beauty. The flora and fauna are like nowhere else. Being surrounded by a desert is an experience in itself. The calmness of the desert and how it comes to life with the sunrise is something you have to see for yourself. We propose a morning desert safari as it provides you with the real desert experience as you go around in your dune buggy and sand boards.

We offer to pick you up bright and early so that you reach the site in time for the most beautiful sunrise of your life. The morning desert safari in Dubai offers a plethora of experiences in the form of dune buggy, sand boarding, camel riding and quad biking. Quad biking with the sunrise desert safari in Dubai has a charm of its own and above everything else, its fun! The adrenaline and exhilaration of having tried something new and adventurous is exciting and the location of the Dubai desert safari makes it even more amazing!

With 45- minute dune buggy session followed by a scrumptious breakfast, one can opt for activities like camel riding, sand boarding or quad bike riding. The quad bike riding is a 45-minute session and an all-terrain vehicle-ATV is used. It is very safe and built for such kind of rides.
Morning desert safari and quad biking are two activities that wonderfully gel with each other. Imagine a thrilling safari ride in Dubai, on a gorgeous bed of red sand dunes! How could it possibly get better!

Our package has a very simple itinerary. We pick you up early morning and take you to the starting point. After dune buggies and a nice breakfast, there are camel rides waiting for you. Quad biking can be done as well. There is unlimited amount of mineral water for you because it gets really hot in the desert and our top priority is your comfort and safety.

The great thing about early morning desert safari in Dubai is that you are free by 10 am and you have the rest of the day to do other touristy things like chill in Pal Jumeirah, shop in festivals and try out the local food. With our team, you won’t have to be responsible for your own itinerary. We take care of all that. The only thing you have to do is wake up and get ready on time! So, what are you waiting for? The exciting world of desert, camels and dune buggies await your presence! You will have the time of your life.

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