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Dubai Beaches & Parks – List of beaches & parks in Dubai city. Dubai is a place where people come from all over the world for their business activities as well as recreational activities or to spend their holidays. Families with children are curious to know that which are the best parks and resorts in Dubai to spend their time in amazing way and to make their family holidays in Dubai memorable. Though Dubai is located in Desert with only 150 mm rainfall per year. Dubai have done great job by making sure there are lots of parks and resorts are available to locals and tourists. Here we are listing some best parks and resorts in Dubai.

Dubai Beaches & Parks : Dubai Parks and Resorts

Dubai Parks and Resorts is a theme park located on Sheikh Zayed Road and close to Al Maktoum International Airport. Dubai parks and Resorts recently opened on December 18, 2016 and consists of three theme parks: Motiongate, LEGOLAND and LEGOLAND Water Park, Bollywood Theme Park and Riverland Dubai. It is spread over 25 million square feet area that makes it the largest theme park of the region. Dubai Parks and Resorts has more than 100 rides and attractions in all together.

Dubai Beaches & Parks : Jumeirah Open Beach Park

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Jumeirah Open Beach Park has a very lucky location, making it the most popular beach club in Dubai. As it has direct access to the sea, Jumeirah Open Beach Park is the base of thousands of water and sun-lovers, not to mention the water sports facilities. Situated in the elite resident district of Dubai city centre, called Jumeirah, the Jumeirah Open Beach Park is a much-liked and used resort for all who want to spend a relaxing day enjoying the beach in the shades of the numerous palm trees.

Jumeirah Open Beach Park, which first opened in 1989, offers dozens of attractions for everyone, with the emphasis on children who can have their own world inside the park. There is a huge playground shaded by special umbrellas so that children can have fun without the dangerous effects of the direct sun. The Jumeirah Open Beach Park with its 13-hectare territory is considerably smaller than the other huge parks of the city. However, for this reason, it cannot host large number of visitors at the same time, making it a more relaxed place and peaceful place. It is interesting to note, that it was the Jumeirah Open Beach Park, which was the very first park of the Jumeirah district, created with a direct view to the Persian Gulf. Next to water sports, the most popular sports facility of Jumeirah Open Beach Park includes a volleyball court and a beach-volleyball place as well.

Jumeirah Open Beach Park has been designed with great care to create a rich and beautiful site for everyone to enjoy. In addition, artificial hills had been created in order to give a more natural feeling to the beautiful little park. This artificial hill area, called The Rocky Garden Area contains beautiful gardens, fountains and enough resting place in the shades as well. As in every park, here too we can find specific picnic and barbecue areas for the families or friends.

The beachside of the Jumeirah Open Beach Park is very well equipped ensuring that it meets all the international security standards. If one prefers to have a meal rather than making or bringing it along with them, then these are many restaurants here, preparing quite delicious meals close to the beach ensuring a beautiful view while eating. There are also several snack bars by the beach. An interesting feature of the park is that visitors can walk to the beach going through a bridge. There are five of these bridges, giving a bit of a special feeling to the park.

The most suitable time to visit Jumeirah Open Beach Park is before dawn when the temperature starts to cool down, enabling everyone to come out of his or her homes and enjoy a little bit of fresh air, together with a good swim in the sea. The Rocky Garden Area looks the best while it is dark, with its hills beautifully enlightened in many ways and with multiple colours. Jumeirah Open Beach Park is just the ideal place for one to relax after a long day hectic work.

Dubai Beaches & Parks : Jebel Ali Beach

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Jebel Ali Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Dubai. It offers several venues where you can enjoy beach life. Jebel Ali Beach is one of the best beaches for a beach holiday in Dubai, as it consists of white sand and blue sea water. You can wear your beach clothes here as there is no dress code. There are several private beaches and resorts in and around Jebel Ali beach. You can book rooms in any of the resorts to enjoy beach holiday in Dubai. Various water sports can be enjoyed by the visitors at Jebel Ali beach.

The coastal area of the beach is stretched around fifteen kilometers. Jebel Ali beach is easily accessible from the heart of the city and other parts of Dubai. You can reach to this beach destination with the help of bus, metro, car, and taxi service. Ibn Battuta Mall is situated in close proximity to the beach. Jebel Ali beach is suitable for people who are looking for natural beaches. A small stretch of the beach has been not open for the public because of the Palm Jebel Ali construction. Jebel Ali beach is located 40 km away from the heart of Dubai.

You can have a splendid view of Burj Al Arab from the beach. The beach is suitable for barbeque and camping parties in Dubai. The Jebel Ali Beach resort is situated on the coast of Jebel Ali Beach and the resort is situated near to the attractions in and around Dubai city which includes souks, shopping centers and old historic areas. The area is famous as the world’s biggest man-made harbor and biggest port of Middle East. Jebel Ali beach is located just 40 minutes away from Dubai airport. The beach is the home of various luxurious resort hotels in beautifully landscaped gardens with tropical foliage and palms.

The hotels near Jebel Ali Beach in Dubai provide facilities such as tennis courts, health clubs, spas, golf courses, equestrian center and private marina. There are several restaurants that provide various cuisines such as Asian, Mediterranean, American, Italian, and French. Jebel Ali public beach is more crowded than the private marinas of the resorts. Jebel Ali area was actually for the construction workers of the port to reside. You can find five star hotels near the beaches of Dubai.

The beaches in Dubai are very beautiful with fine and soft sand. You have to wear normal clothes before leaving the beach. If you are planning a beach holiday in Dubai, then you have to go Jebel Ali Beach to enjoy the charm of the beach. Dubai beaches are the strange combination of deserts and beaches. Dubai beaches are usually crowded during winter months, mostly with Russian and Europeans tourists. Dubai beaches are crowded during weekends. Enjoy the beach holidays at the luxurious resorts and hotels around the beaches. Surfing is very safe in Dubai beaches which make them even more attractive to the tourists coming to Dubai.

Dubai Beaches & Parks : Jumeirah Beach

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The Jumeirah Beach not only situates in the centre of Dubai, but Jumeirah Beach can be called the “Heart of Dubai”. Being the best and most commonly used beach of the city, it also gives home to most of Dubai’s spectacular attractions.

Jumeirah BeachJumeirah Beach is situated in the Jumeirah district, which is by far the wealthiest district of Dubai. If you want to see real castles, then it is essential to visit the Jumeriah Beach. It has the highest number of both most modern and the post-modern skyscrapers in the whole Middle East, while enjoying all the sun and fun a beach has to offer, or to drop in to the best water park in the world to spend a few hours.

The Jumeirah district was named after the ancient Jumeirah people, who once lived in the area of today’s Emirates. They lived mainly of fishing and pearl diving. Then as the first foreigner merchandisers arrived and started to show interest in the quite rare pearl collections and other handicrafts of the Jumeirah people, they decided to start merchandising with them. It is from those times, the Jumeirah area, together with its people started to get richer and gain their worldwide known skills in doing business. Of course, the role of the Jumeirah beach has always been a key-role because of the growing water-traffic of merchandising ships.

There are so many attractions found both at and by the Jumeirah Beach that it would fill a book to talk about each one of them in detail. To mention the main ones is the world-famous Wild Wadi Water Park, having countless of special attractions and facilities which are not found anywhere in the world. Overall, it is a great place for families to enjoy a day there. Then, there is the main trademark building of Dubai, which everyone must have seen when looking at any ad of Dubai, the magnificent Burj Al Arab Hotel with its ship-like form.

Here, along the Jumeirah Beach, we can get to the enormous Dubai World Trade Centre. If we would like to have some cultural adventure, we can take part in a guided tour inside the beautiful Jumeirah Mosque or to take a walk to the nearby Medina or old town district of Dubai, which is the Bur Dubai district. This is really the best place to see traditional Arabic buildings and the best souks or marketplaces in Dubai. You can see and to buy some of the marvellous old-style Arabic artefacts. In addition, the biggest Gold Souk of Dubai is to be found in Bur Dubai.

The Jumeirah Beach gives home to such world-famous complexes as the brand new Dubai Marina living district, which looks like the Florida Bay, only with a lot bigger skyscrapers and so many of them! This district is the best to see in the evening, when the whole area beautifully enlightens. The Palm Jumeirah island complex is also found here, being one of the most luxurious living areas in the world where many of the richest and most famous have their homes.

Close to the Jumeirah Beach, we can also get to visit most famous educational “city-in the city”, the Dubai Knowledge Village. Moreover, this is just a very few out of the dozens of beauties found at the Jumeirah Beach, the very heart of Dubai.

Dubai Beaches & Parks : Dubai Miracle Garden

Dubai Miracle Garden is the world largest botanical garden consists of more than 109 million flowers. 780,000 square feet flower garden was opened on February 14, 2013 and in very short time period has become the must visit attraction in Dubai. Dubai Miracle Garden is located in the Dubailand district was awarded Moselle Awards by the Garden Tourism Award. Must noted thing is that Dubai Miracle Garden remains closed from June to September due to immense heat and operates from October to April.

The Garden recently inaugurated Dubai Butterfly Garden. Dubai Butterfly Garden is the Worlds largest indoor butterfly garden with over 15,000 butterflies.

Dubai Beaches & Parks : Dubai Creek Park

Dubai Creek Park has an absolute ideal location in every way, so it is no wonder that it is one of the most popular parks all over Dubai. Creek Park or by its full name Dubai Creekside Park, houses lots of attractions and beauty on offer to all those who are eager to spend some time there.

As we can guess by its name, the park is situated by the Dubai Creek with the help of built-in extensions taken from the creek itself, been enlarged a couple of times. Now it lies on a huge area close to one hundred hectares in size, making it one of the biggest parks of Dubai.

When we are in Dubai, we will see that Dubai Creek houses most of the relaxing places, huge green areas and entertainment quarters in the centre of Dubai. Due to its flowing water, it is a great site for people to relax and feel good. By the Dubai Creek, we can find several resorts and golf courses as well. Therefore, it is no wonder that the Creek Park is a very attractive place for both locals and tourists all year long. Its transportation is also special as the water taxi of Dubai serves it giving a special feeling to the place.

Creek Park has several different areas in order to meet everyone’s needs. It has an own Sports Centre with various sport activities and pools, then comes the Children’s City of Creek Park. Another great entertainment centre for children of all ages contain several picnic and barbecue areas, green fields and dozens of fountains with lakes. Among its specialities, we must mention the Dolphinarium that is currently under construction, but promises to be ready within a short time.

As golf is gaining more and more fame in the Emirates, Dubai Creek Park has decided to create its own golf courses, having one course specifically for children with lessons as well, so that they can learn to enjoy this noble game in a systematic way. The Creek Park also owns a little ice-rink called Ice World where especially children can learn how to skate by attending one or more of the current skating courses. As part of the Creek Park, we must also mention the Dubai Wonderland complex, which is a specific theme park for children containing tons of games and dozens of attractions and activities, some even water based. Dubai Wonderland of the Creek Park is one of the biggest and oldest theme parks of Dubai. Within the Creek Park, there is also a cable car serving the visitors of the park to enable them to get to all parts of Creek Park faster. This is a great attraction for all the children to try.

As is the same with every green areas of Dubai, large energies have been spent to move tons of plants to the territory of Creek Park ranging from grass-bricks to thousands of palm trees. So Creek Park resembles to a little jungle in the desert! Whenever you get the chance to visit Dubai, do not hesitate to spend some great relaxing time in the Creek Park. Once you got inside, you will for sure spend a whole day there, enjoying its atmosphere among the countless facilities.

Dubai Beaches & Parks : Safa Park

Safa Park, Dubai is one of the best and historical park in Dubai. It is one of the old things or recreations of Dubai. Safa Park was created in 1975 on 150 acre are. The park offers number of natural views consisting of three artificially designed lakes, a little forest, A Waterfall, an outdoor ice skating ring to entertain the skating lovers and an amazing looking jogging track for those who love to jog.

Parks play a very important role in the daily life of the people of Dubai, as it is a place to relax and to take children out too. That is why parks life of Dubai is becoming more and more popular paired with other attractions. Safa Park is one of the highly visited parks located in the centre of Dubai. Safa Park or as they call there Al Safa is a great place to visit if one wants to relax a little from the continuous stress and hurry of modern life, from which Dubai is not an exception anymore.

Safa Park DubaiSafa Park is located near the beach of Dubai and near the Sheikh Zaed Road, which is the main road of Dubai connecting all the areas. Safa Park is one of the oldest parks of Dubai, having been reconstructed both in 1984 and from ’89 to ’92 to serve the modern needs of both locals and tourists. Great efforts have been made to make Safa Park a beautiful place with the transportation of tens of thousands of different plants, palm trees and bushes out of which a huge and beautiful great lawn has been made in Safa Park.

This park is now full of beautiful gardens, fountains with many artificial lakes, offering lots of relaxing possibilities to all its visitors. It has diverse areas such as the Games Area for children, the Ladies Park Area where women with children can spend a good time. Then, there is the sport games area where there are many sports facilities such as tennis and swimming pools and even includes football field and other fields for all the different ball games.

Picnic is a very popular activity of Arabic people, so the Safa Park is also no exception. There are many picnic and barbecue areas where families can have a great time out in the Safa Park. Thinking of children, there is also a little Park train, which is one of the most popular attractions all over the Safa Park. There are also a couple of funny labyrinths made out of bushes, where children can play. There is a whole area in Safa Park specifically designed for displaying the beauty of water coming from fountains. Some of the lakes are so big that we can admire the birds of many kinds enjoying their water. One can spend a long time here, watching the relaxed water of it the lakes, some of which has fishes in them.

The park also has an international area representing different cultures with little buildings and different plans and gardening methods. One can also see the beauty of the traditional Arabic gardens as well. This site offers an oriental area where one can be amazed of the beauty of Japanese and Chinese gardens. Safa Park hosts an amphitheatre build to represent many shows and entertainment programmes.

Safa Park is the best to seen a few hours before dawn is setting, especially in the summer when people cannot spend much time outside during the day, because of the heat. One can enjoy all the beauties and attractions of this great park from time to time. The entrance fee to Safa Park is 3-Dirham only and it is open all day from morning to 23:00.

Dubai Beaches & Parks : Al Mamzar Beach Park

When we want to see Al Mamzar Beach Park, we will encounter a little bit of confusion, because of its name, spelled and written in at least three different ways with Mumzar also spelled Mamzar and Mamzer at the same time. Yet Al Mamzar Beach Park is a great park and resort area and it is really worth visiting.

Al Mamzar Beach ParkAl Mamzar Beach Park is unique in many ways. First, is its location, which can be described best as a peninsula with the sea all around, so we can expect beach and water activities too! Al Mamzar Beach Park is located in the Deira district of Dubai, a traditional and long-term governmental district, having some important buildings and offices, such as the Dubai Police Department. This park has quite a big territory with more than a hundred hectares. It is one of the biggest parks in the downtown area. Al Mamzar Beach Park is relatively new, as it had first opened in 1994.

The Al Mamzar Beach Park is not only an ordinary park where one can sit and relax. There are villas or as they call “chalets” which can be rented even for one-day use. There are many ways to enjoy some of the traditional cultural performances of Dubai Artists. The park also has an amphitheatre for such shows. Al Mamzar Beach Park also has a very nice sports centre with different sports facilities and sport fields such as football and tennis. There is also chance to go around the park with rented bikes or one can also rent roller-skates! Thousands of diverse plants and palm trees are grown in the area of Al Mamzar Beach Park to make it a very pleasant place to stay.

As a seaside park, most of the popular attractions are connected to it, so as its beach. There is also a big pool area having the size of three swimming pools, one of which is the baby and children’s pool. This park also has a tower, which makes it the best point for people to take many photos of the view of Dubai and of the beaches.

Picnics are one of the most popular activities in the lives of local families. Therefore, one can try this small traditional place with friends and family. They can go to the park with either pre-cooked food, or can rent a barbecue to grill some good meat, to make eating an event. In the area of Al Mamzar Beach Park, there are many places where one can have a good picnic and then take a rest in the shade of the palm trees.

In case you prefer a restaurant, then you can choose from a wide variety of them in the Al Mamzar Beach Park. The park also has a beautiful green area and a Games Area for children to play with huge playgrounds. Al Mamzar Beach Park is definitely a great park to spend a relaxed day. There is no entrance fee, but be prepared with a little money if you would like to use some of the pools or other attractions. However, there is a fee for parking! Al Mamzar Beach Park is open every day.

Dubai Beaches & Parks : Mushrif Park

Mushrif Park is currently the biggest green area of Dubai, situated just next to Mirdif districts, and is one of the most complex residence zones within the city. With its almost six square kilometre territories, it gives way to do many programs there, from relaxations to excursions. So let us see which other attractions Mushrif Park has to offer.

In the beginning of nineties was when the Dubai authorities (meaning for the order of the Sheikh being the one and only who can give orders) had decided to take steps to make Mushrif Park a beautiful green area. When talking about all the work, we mean the ones that lies behind the creating of all areas of Dubai that we see had been totally desert areas with desert soil where only a very few types of plants could get enough nutrients to stay alive. So, the effort in this case means the huge transportation of special soil where grass, trees and plants could stay together with the transportation of thousands of trees, plants and flowers, which being watered every early morning and in the evening hours. All green areas you see in Dubai are the result of enormous efforts of the Dubai people.

Today, Mushrif Park has several beautiful areas, where one can spend a considerable time. It contains swimming pools, playgrounds, gardens where one can freely relax. Arabic people do love picnic, and to eat in the nature. Therefore, Mushrif Park hosts thousands of people every day, who go there for a bit of relaxation. The gardens here are full of beautiful flowers and fountains, each one in Arabic style.

One of the most popular sites to visit inside Mushrif Park is the International Village. Here the designers of the garden represent flora of some countries together with a building featuring one of the cultures of the country in its best form. For example, in the representation of Japan, there is a nice miniature Japanese style pavilion together with its world famous Japanese Gardens. You can also see the windmill of Holland, the world famous Nubian, Thai and Arabic mini-houses, just to mention a few examples. The park also has a large spa-centre with many relaxing facilities and treatments for all those who are longing for a bit of a pampering.

There is also a chance for one to try Camel Riding, or to have a great mint-tea or a proper meal in one of the bars of the Mushrif Park. It is interesting to note that the original size of the park was much smaller. However, according to the decision of the Sheikh, now it is about 400 hectare bigger, forming a huge, almost six hundred hectare territory. Now, there is also a forest in the park, which the visitors can explore. This also gives home to some of the rare species of Emirates, for example the Hoopoe or the yellow throated Sparrow.

Mushrif Park is a great spot for all those, who are willing to spend a longer time in Dubai. Here you can see local families relaxing and enjoying all the beauties of the nature. There is entrance fee to the Mushrif Park as it is a special natural zone, but it is only 10 DHs. The park is open all day long, every day.

Dubai Beaches & Parks : Bollywood Parks Dubai

Bollywood Parks Dubai is the first ever Bollywood Theme park in the world. Bollywood Parks opened last month on November 2016 with covering massive 1.7 million square feet area. Bollywood Parks Dubai is consist of five Bollywood movie themed zones in partnership with major Bollywood film studios. Beside Bollywood inspired attractions Bollywood Parks has awesome 6 restaurants, Cafes, 16 cinematic rides, 30 live shows inspired by 9 Bollywood blockbuster movies and retails shops. Bollywood Parks is a part of Dubai Parks and Resorts project which also have Motiongate, LEGOLAND, Riverland and Lapita Hotel.

Dubai Beaches & Parks : Aquaventure WaterPark

Dubai Atlantis Aquaventure waterpark is one of the best places to spend a day with family and friends. It offers the number of park entertainments like Water slides, Ride on the super steep Poseidon’s Revenge, Splasher’s play area, Golden beach, Aquarium, Lazy rivers, Shark tunnels and many more.

And the amazing thing about the park is that you have to buy only one ticket to enjoy the whole day in the park with bundles of adventures and ventures.

Dubai Beaches & Parks : Dolphin Bay at Atlantis

Dolphin experience at Atlantis the palm in Dubai is the best place to amuse your children with the event of dolphin dance, exercise and walk. Dolphin is the friendly animal and people come to meet them and experience their company. They amuse their spectators by diving deep and then jumping in the air. Dolphin interaction with the people is the main amusement of the event at Atlantis the palm in Dubai. Children love to be in there company so it’s the best chance to avail for your children interaction with the majestic sea mammal.

Dubai Beaches & Parks : Zabeel Park

Zabeel Park is another one of the oldest park in Dubai. Because of its location it usually gets very busy on weekends. The park is technologically equipped for the activities the park offers. There is an amazing skating track for skating lovers. The park is organized to entertain children of all ages to make them amused. It offers the number of activities like StarGate Children entertainment zone, mini-golf, skateboard, BMX track, cricket patch, A lake with boat rides and jogging track for the interests of people of all interests.

When it comes to city planning, there is seemingly more emphasis now on parks, on the flora of the cities, which is very important especially in all resident areas. Zabeel Park will be one example of these ambitions and currently constructed to be a large park, offering not only the chance to rest or play, but in Dubai-style, Zabeel Park also will contain numerous attractions and facilities that all people can enjoy for a considerably longer time.

Zabeel Park Dubai these years, has set up an ambition of being in the topmost position in tourism as well as in business, also being a green town considering the countless construction works on its territory in the past decade.

Zabeel Park is situated in the Zabeel or Za’abel area of Dubai, just next to Bur Dubai. Zabeel district is on the first place a residence district full of newly build apartment blocks and villas. The huge Zabeel Park is still under construction, with the target to create one of the first-ever green areas to host so many different attractions. The Park will be situated just next to the World Trade Centre, which is also being reconstructed now to a bigger one to have the ability to welcome more businesspersons and guests. This will also give the great chance for Zabeel Park to be one of the most visited parks of Dubai.

Zabeel Park will contain numerous facilities and attractions such as a restaurant quarter by the lake of the future park, a huge playful labyrinth representing the planets and their places in our solar system containing several virtual elements as well. There will be a huge green area for picnic, parties, play and relaxation including an amphitheatre called Mega Bowl, where many types of shows, plays are represented. Its huge Exhibition Gallery will be able to host international events as well. Zabeel Park will also house several sports facilities such as a cricket-field, with cricket having a growing importance in the sports life of the Emirates.

Zabeel Park will also include a couple of theme parks such as the futuristic Stargate Theme Park, in order to give all generations a chance to enjoy according to their taste. The Park is already full of little lakes and rivers, so that the walkways can lead through many of them with little bridges, where one gets the chance to see some fishes and listen to the relaxing sounds of flowing water.

There will also be a huge tower in Zabeel Park, being the future trademark building. In order to make place for the business, there will also be a high-tech centre in the area of the park. When talking about the park, there will also be several gardens. However, in the biggest garden of the Zabeel Park, called Barcode Gardens, one will be able to see even rare types of flowers as well, arranged beautifully, with water flows, gargoyles and fountains. It will have parts giving back the atmosphere of old, Arabic–style traditional gardens.

Zabeel Park indeed has many parts, which are already operating, such as the huge and colourful playground, where children can spend almost a day with non-stop playing. Other operational parts include the amphitheatre, the Stargate Theme Park and the green areas. Therefore, Zabeel Park is already a great site to visit for everyone.

Dubai Beaches & Parks : Ski Dubai Snow Park

With 22,500 square meter ski area, Ski Dubai polar pass is the largest indoor snow park of the region. Ski Dubai is located in Mall of Emirates, one of the largest shopping mall in the world. Playing in snow at Ski Dubai just feel you like you are in the heaven of clouds. It offer the real natural scenes of penguins walking on the snow, Chairlift ride is full of thrill and adventure in the park. You just need to buy the entry pass to enjoy all these stuff of Antarctica in Dubai.

Dubai Beaches & Parks : Wild Wadi WaterPark

Wild Wadi WaterPark is a must visit attraction in Dubai for the whole family. It is located right next to stunning Burj Al Arab and famous Jumeirah Beach Hotel and is operated by Jumeirah International. Wild Wadi Waterpark offers 30 rides, 3 pools including Cool/Heat Wave Pool, 2 Surfing Machines and multiple water slides. Wild Wadi Waterpark had the largest water slide but was removed to make space for 2 small rides. Waterpark also has restaurants, gift shops and couple of snack stands.

Dubai Beaches & Parks : Satwa Park

If you don’t want to get too far from the inner city or just want to spend a little time relaxing during the work hours, Satwa Park could be your best destination. It is situated on Sheikh Zayed Road behind Al Moosa Towers. Satwa Park has football pitches, Volleyball, Basketball and Tennis courts, Playground area for kids and shady places to sit and relax. It also has a proper jogging track for joggers and a central plaza with a fountain surrounded by palm trees.

Dubai Beaches & Parks : Al Barsha Pond Park

Al Barsha Park is a one of the newest parks in Dubai, located next to Al Barsha Mall. Al Barsha Park is getting very popular with families, Children, Sports enthusiasts and joggers. Park is consists of giant ponds with walking or cycling tracks around them. Park is spread of 162 hectors with Tennis courts, Football pitches, Basketball Courts, Volleyball courts, Children areas and fitness machines. Al Barsha Park was built as a part of greening Dubai Pond Parks project. Because of its facilities it is becoming very popular among fitness freaks.

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