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Dubai Travel Guide : Guide to Dubai Tourist Visa, Dubai Tourist Info, When Travel To Dubai, Dubai Weather, Cheap Dubai Holidays & Dubai Family Vacation.
Dubai Travel Guide : Guide to Dubai Tourist Visa, Dubai Tourist Info, When Travel To Dubai, Dubai Weather, Cheap Dubai Holidays & Dubai Family Vacation.

Dubai Travel Guide

Dubai Travel Guide : Dubai Travel Guide and Travel Information. Guide to Dubai Tourist Visa, Dubai Tourist Info, When Travel To Dubai, Dubai Weather, Cheap Dubai Holidays & Dubai Family Vacation. Visit Dubai to explore the most happening luxury tourist destination around the world. Get all the important information of the city at our site.

Dubai sits on a golden sandy coastline in the Arabian Gulf, where the warm azure waves of the sea meet the desert. A high-rise oasis, this city is a pleasure-dome surrounded by dunes; one of the most fashionable on the planet thanks to its ability to satisfy the needs of legions of demanding vacationers. Dubai is about having fun—and it’s one big adult playground.

Dubai is a city and emirate in the United Arab Emirates known for luxury shopping, ultramodern architecture and a lively nightlife scene. Burj Khalifa, an 830m-tall tower, dominates the skyscraper-filled skyline. At its foot lies Dubai Fountain, with jets and lights choreographed to music. On artificial islands just offshore is Atlantis, The Palm, a resort with water and marine-animal parks.

Dubai Travel Guide

Dubai is a place that has been changing constantly in the past few years. Dubai is growing so rapidly that it is difficult to imagine the development that is taking place. Dubai which is the second largest of the seven emirates of the United Arab Emirates attracts millions of tourists from all over the world for a variety of reasons. Dubai is also known as the ‘City of Gold’ and visitors come here from all over the world to buy gold and gold jewelry here for the simple reason that the no-taxation policy and low duties makes it the only place in the world where you can get gold cheap.

The Dubai Shopping Festival is an annual feature and millions of visitors come to Dubai every year to purchase a variety of items that are available at vastly discounted rates during the festival. The pristine beaches, the beautiful sea, the number of tourist places, and the holiday activities make Dubai an ideal holiday and tourist destination.

When visitors come to Dubai, they discover that they have a number of things to do in Dubai to keep them busy.

Take a Dubai Desert Safari where you leave Dubai in the afternoon in a private 4×4 vehicle and are taken to the sand dunes of Dubai. You will enjoy the exciting ride which will take you up and down the dunes – up one moment and down the slope in another moment. At times you may feel your heart in your mouth! After you have had enough of this excitement, you will be taken to witness the beautiful desert sunset. You will next be taken to a camel farm where you can have fun riding a camel or enjoy sandboarding. Ladies will find girls who expertly apply henna on their hands and feet – the exquisite and intricate designs will leave you mesmerized. You can now enjoy a delicious BBQ dinner in an authentic Bedouin camp while you enjoy traditional belly dancing. You many also try your hand at the Arab shisha sitting under the starry desert skies. The next morning, get up to a glorious sunrise and after a hearty breakfast you are dropped off at your hotel in Dubai.

Another of the things to do in Dubai is to take a half-day tour of Dubai and its surroundings and you will definitely find it interesting and informative. The tour will take you to all the historic sites of yester Dubai and you can also see today’s lifestyle of modern Dubai. The tour covers the Dubai 7 Star Hotel, the Jumeirah Mosque, the Jumeirah Beach, the Dubai Museum, the Al Bastakiya Quarter, and the Dubai Museum which is located in the Al Fahidi Fort. You will also be taken on a trip across the Dubai Creek by Water Taxi. A visit to Dubai Souks are also on the itinerary. You will be accompanied by an English speaking guide all along the tour.

Are you willing to take a hot-air balloon early in the morning and soar up high in the skies? You wake up early in the morning and are picked up from your hotel and taken deep into the deserts of Dubai. The morning cool air is the right time for you to get into a balloon. See the beautiful sunrise as you glide above the clouds and have a look at Dubai from the skies.

Dubai Travel Guide : When Travel To Dubai

Dubai, being a relatively new top destination receives hundreds of thousands of tourists every year with the intention to make this number grow further. They do all their best to keep their top-season as long as possible. Dubai has good features to be a pleasant and desired tourist destination, with its beautiful desert and hundreds of manmade attractions, all made in favour of tourism. Therefore, if you are thinking about when to go to Dubai, then the answer is simple. You can visit Dubai nearly anytime of the year! Visiting Dubai also includes other factors.

Questioning when to go to Dubai is a question that you can ask in many ways, and all the questions will lead to a different reply. The answer depends on many things. One thing is what are you up to do in Dubai?

For cultural travel, when to go to Dubai? For a cultural travel, which includes much of walking and exploring, the best time to go is from winter to spring or from the early autumn to the mid-winter season.

When to go to Dubai for a Sea-Sun-Sand vacation? If you want to spend your time mostly on the beach or in water parks, then the best time is from early spring to early summertime. The best months of summertime are the June and the beginning of July. From May, the heat starts to grow and during the day, it can reach even 48 Celsius degrees. However, according to the fact, since Dubai’s climate is dry, so the heat without the humidity is bearable.

When to go to Dubai for shopping and entertaining reasons? For shopping travel, you can visit Dubai anytime, as every shopping mall are air-conditioned and all the shops are open throughout the day till the late evening hours, with the exception of Friday, which counts the main weekend day of the week. Therefore, you may find many shops closed especially in the morning.

When to go to Dubai, if you want to spend much of your time in the desert? The best time to visit the desert is in the spring or autumn season as in the summer, heat can go higher, which makes it close to unbearable in this time of the year. Yet, if you are in Dubai and feel the urgent need to go to see the beautiful desert, there is some overnight safaris, when you can really be amazed by the desert and not having to suffer in the heat.

Deciding when to go to Dubai is not an easy task, considering the average vacation time we get, but as you can see Dubai is always wide open to welcome its visitors. Thus, it does not really matter in which season you visit, if you try to suit the season with your actual requirements for your holiday. When to go to Dubai will become an unimportant question as soon as you are there. Then, the biggest problem of yours will be when to go back home, as there are so many beauties and attractions, that it is likely you may not be able to come home when planned.

Dubai Travel Guide : Dubai Weather

The Dubai weather is dry tropical, which is good for Dubai as it can make all their best to make the touristic seasons as long as it is possible. Dubai Climate and weather is useful when it comes to tourism, especially beach tourism, as Dubai is always warm and inviting, because there are no big differences between the seasons.

Dubai weather is dry, which mean that for most of the green environment, Dubai needs to fight on a daily basis. The main seasons of Dubai are the summer and the winter seasons. The summer of Dubai is quite hot, starting from around the end of May and lasts until the middle of September. This season is very hot and dry, with the temperature being well over 40-Celsius degrees most of the time. The winter season means a little rain and a drop in the temperatures with around 15-20 Celsius degrees, lower than it is in the summer. In the winter, one can experience a mild weather, which is around 20-Celsius degrees during the day.

Dubai climate is useful for all the beach and sea-lovers who want to enjoy the water almost all year long. The top season of tourism in Dubai, as usual with the tropical-desert climate, is the spring season.

The best time to visit Dubai is March, April and the beginning of May. That is when the temperature is not yet disturbing for those, who would like to be out of the hotel during the day. Needless to say, that due to Dubai climate and weather, it is highly advised for everyone to apply an SPF 20-30 before going out in the morning. If one goes to the desert for a safari, even higher SPF is commendable.

Dubai weather does not affect one of the main attractions of Dubai, which is the desert. Many areas are air conditioned, such as the huge shopping centres because of the normal heat. That is the reason why souks remain all covered too, so that neither the customers nor the goods would suffer in the sunshine.

Due to the effects of Dubai weather, mostly those plants and animals live in the area of Dubai who can survive the heat for longer periods without a good quantity of water. Therefore, the flora and fauna of Dubai is very similar to those generally found in Africa and other more deserted areas of the world. Dubai has a very colourful bird population ranging from owls to smaller birds. Among Dubai’s signature animals, we find the desert wolf, which is unfortunately today among the highly endangered species.

One can view most of Dubai’s signature animals in the Dubai Zoo, near the Jumeirah Beach, which is a great program for everyone. The zoo houses around 10,000 species. Soon the new Dubai Zoo will be build to give a cosier home for all its inhabitants.

Overall, Dubai weather give a nice chance for the Emirates to bring out the best of its natural and manmade attractions. Dubai people got used to the generally warm weather of Dubai. You will also adapt yourself, when you spend most of your days on the beach and in the shadow. At the end of the day, you can go out in the evening hours, when everyone is out on the streets enjoying the mild breeze of the sea. Due to the Dubai climate, resorts with all the beautiful gardens and all-year long chance to swim, got an international attention and a rapid growth in the number of its tourists.

Dubai Travel Guide : Dubai Travel Insurance

Everyone who is often travelling knows the high importance of travel insurance. Then, there are those, who are optimistic and decide on not having it. Dubai travel insurance though is highly recommended for everyone who is planning to be in Dubai for more than just a few days. In addition, Dubai travel insurance is a must-do for all those, who are planning to drive and make excursions while staying there. If you plan to enjoy your holidays actively, do not hesitate to make Dubai travel insurance.

Nowadays, with the flourish of tourism, there are about a thousand types of different travel insurances in offer by travel agencies, banks and even ordinary shops. Most travel insurances are in use worldwide, however, there are some things that you need to keep an eye on while purchasing your Dubai travel insurance. Dubai travel insurance is a little bit more specific than the ordinary travel insurances. First, the best thing is to purchase it from an agency that are specialists of Dubai and can ask you this specific Dubai travel Insurance, which can be also come to use while staying in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar or Oman, together forming a group called GCC, the Gulf Corporation Countries. While you are reading about the several travel tips and requirements, you will often meet the mentioning of the GCC. Therefore, it is important to note.

There are two types of Dubai travel insurance. The first type is the one, which can only the residents and citizens of the member states of the Gulf Corporation can purchase while they are travelling out of the GCC countries. The other one is for all nationalities (with the sole exception of Israel or anyone having been to Israel in the recent years) who would like to travel to Dubai or to any of the Gulf States. Dubai travel insurances issue for different periods 15, 22, 30, 60 and 90 days. There is per day payment of Dubai Travel Insurance.

Dubai travel insurance will give you a feeling of safety, especially in the case of any upcoming or sudden illness, or in case of stolen goods, of which normally the latter occurs more often. Good to know, that Dubai is the one out of all the Gulf States where the hygiene is the highest. There have been no cases in Dubai so far, that someone caught any infections or other illnesses during his or her stay. However, even if it is a safe country, you must not be careful enough when it comes to the possibility of stealing, which can happen anywhere in the world.

The most specific thing about Dubai travel insurance is its unique service. For example, there is a non-stop emergency service number that you can dial and call anytime. They will give advice, and if needed, they even will send a helicopter for you to take you to the best hospital. One unique service of Dubai travel insurance is the terrorism cover. If you do not know much about insurances or travel agreements, it is very important to note, that general insurance do not cover the costs of any damage or loss, if it happens as a result of terrorist activities, unwanted political activities or natural disasters.

These are the most important must-knows on Dubai travel Insurance. If you are preparing to travel to Dubai or around the Gulf Area, do not hesitate to purchase a specific Dubai travel Insurance, because it will do you all the good, in case any unwanted happens.

Dubai Travel Guide : Budget Travel Dubai

When it comes to Dubai, luxury and high prices are more likely to come to our mind, but indeed, there is budget travel in Dubai. Only you have to dedicate the time and effort to find the best deals. Due to the new waves of tourism, budget travel and budget tours are getting more famous all around the world. So let us see how we can find various offers on the best budget travel in Dubai.

Although we might rather hear of the top category hotels, but Dubai have hundreds of different category hotels that offer rooms at more reasonable prices. If you start looking for the cheapest Dubai hotels for your budget travel, you will be surprised to find out that you can get a room in a good category hotel and you do not even need to go out of the centre of Dubai.

The key in this case is time, effort and the internet. There are various booking sites, some of which are specifically for budget rates all around the world. If you are searching a hotel to your likings, try to look for forums and discussions on hotels in Dubai. You might get some extra information, which is good or even important to know! As most of the residents of Dubai are not of Dubai origin, you can find good hotels run by Indians or Pakistanis providing rooms at a reasonable price but in good quality. All you need to do is to make sure that the hotel is in a safe district, although the best thing in Dubai is that, it is a very safe place to be.

The hardest part of budget travel in Dubai is always the travelling. Travelling is often the most expensive part of a journey. However, if you look with care, you may find some special rates of airlines as well. Many travel agencies offer all–inclusive packages on budget travel in Dubai. There are programs that give better price and sell plane–tickets and hotels together. Look up their offers because this way you can get more information on Dubai along with several hotel names. If you like one of them and see that even travel agencies offer them more cheaply, do not hesitate to contact them directly. It might be that they will give you an even better offer. Even if they do not give better offer, you will get an overall picture about their level of service.

Talking about budget travel in Dubai, the hundreds of programs on offer are necessary to mention. Most popular programs include sightseeing, dhow or boat tour around Dubai and the desert safaris. These, at least the desert safari, should not be a miss. Just go around the downtown area where you will find hundreds of such offers, so all you need to do is to find out an agency that is cheapest yet trusted to make their programs in good quality. Group programs are generally the cheapest. Therefore, if you would like to have fun but for a good prize, look for an agency which collect tourists together to make cheaper group programs or excursions for them. Take care with the restaurants near the top-hotels; they might even double their normal rates when it comes to tourists. If you want to have some nice good time, then dedicate the time to go further and examine more offers, so that you can decide which place might be the best for you.

Overall, economical travel, such as budget travel in Dubai is a lot of fun, because during your explorations around town, you will get to know it a lot more than those who do not care much about the prices. Arabic people love to negotiate, so give them a chance. Make a budget travel in Dubai. If you are smart, you will be a specialist of prices in Dubai, and at the same time, experience all same services, but for half the price!

Dubai Travel Guide : Dubai Family Vacation

Family vacations have always been one of the primary areas of tourism as most people likes to spend their holidays with their families. Family vacation in Dubai is a great idea because Dubai, as a Muslim country has a natural love for family life. Almost all of Dubai’s entertainment complexes and theme parks are waiting for those, who would like to have a family vacation in Dubai.

As a preparation for a family vacation in Dubai, the first thing is to checkout are the most family–friendly hotels as well as their locations. Most hotels in Dubai are very well equipped for families, with nurseries and several in-house programs for children. Yet, it is still preferable to choose such hotel that has children and baby swimming pools, a wide variety of children’s fun activities and finally yet importantly, is not a drawback for some theme parks to visit at nearby locations to the hotel. It is wise to choose such hotel, which lies on big areas having parks and gardens, specifically for those who are travelling with multiple children and elderly people. These two generations are most likely to spend family vacation in Dubai within the hotel area. It is also advisable to find a hotel with private beach.

Currently, the best offered family hotels are the Atlantis The Palm, the Jebel Ali resort and the Jumeirah Beach Hotel. The Atlantis rises out of these hotels as it has its very own amusement parks within its area, called the Aquaventure and the Dolphin Bay. All these hotels are very good for spending a great family vacation in Dubai. However, if you can manage to find a smaller hotel with swimming pool that is close to one of the big parks of Dubai, such as the Dubai Creek Park or the Mushrif Park, then it is also a great idea. This way you stay more economical and can enjoy your family vacation in Dubai to its fullest.

Many travel agencies offer family-packages that include the booking of both the plane ticket and the hotel. Therefore, if one would like to avoid the hassle of finding a good hotel on his or her own, then the best thing is to book a package at a travel agency.

Family vacation in Dubai can only be the complete, if one sacrifices some time to look up the offers of all the family theme parks as the best suitable attractions for families. Now the most famous theme parks and family attractions are the Wild Wadi Water Theme Park, the Aquaventure with the Dolphin Bay, The Dolphinarium, the Children’s City and the Wonderland, and we can go on. There are countless places of fun where children will have a guaranteed good time.

In case, one is prepared to spend their family vacation in Dubai, there are some important information concerning for everyone to get the best time of their family. Only children of 10 years or above can try most of the attractions. The water programs start from 3 years old. For families with infants and/or little children, it is not advisable to go to on desert safaris.

So, do not hesitate to book your family vacation in Dubai, for sure your children will have the best time of their lives while in Dubai. Before travelling with babies, get advice about the weather conditions and the best seasons for family travel.

Dubai Travel Guide : Cheap Dubai Holidays

When it comes to holidays, going to a place where everything is beautiful and where there is a whole bunch of attractions, what could be better than choosing Dubai holidays? Dubai is a great place to be and you will see that you will not have even a minute spent in boredom while you are over here, enjoying your Dubai holidays. There are countless attractions and dozens of beautiful hotels all around town, taking care of you, and there are so many things to do here, even if you would like to concentrate the most on your time spent on the beach, it will be really worth choosing Dubai as your holiday destination.

Let us start with all the program possibilities that you can choose from over here:

Dubai sightseeing: You can make sightseeing in different ways in Dubai. First, there is the hop on-hop off way of sightseeing. It is great, because you can get on and off anytime but your ticket will last the whole day. Other way of sightseeing is the wonder bus, which is a unique bus indeed, being able to go on the road as well as on the water just like a boat. You just cannot miss trying this bus indeed. The other must-try is the dhow cruise, which is especially beautiful by night, including a dinner and a nice show, either belly dancers or musicians playing great traditional music. If you have the budget, you can try the helicopter or the jet sightseeing as well. Dubai Holidays cannot miss a big of sightseeing.

Dubai desert safari: If you are in Dubai, you just cannot miss seeing the beautiful Dubai desert. There are many ways of sightseeing in or above the desert through a Hot Air Balloon flight or using a 4×4 Jeep to do so. There are mornings, whole days or night trips to the great Dubai Desert, surrounding the whole city. The Dubai Desert has especially nice sand and if you can also try, camel riding and sand boarding, then you will see it is really worth visiting the Dubai Desert. This is the best attraction of Dubai Holidays.

Dubai shopping malls: Dubai has the very best and biggest shopping malls in the world. The Dubai Mall, being the biggest shopping mall in the world, has the Mall of the Emirates, the Deira City Centre and we could go on. It offers hundreds of the most luxurious shops and additionally beautiful attractions, such as the Aquaworld Underwater Zoo or the Sega Universe centre, not to mention the Dubai Ski, the one and only place in the whole Middle East where you can ski. Shopping is a must during your Dubai Holidays

Dubai theme parks: Dubai is practically full of theme parks, making it the most attractive city for the children of all ages. There are uncountable theme parks over here, like the Wonderland, the Children’s City, the Dolphinarium and the most beautiful water parks in the world, the Aquaventure and the Wild Wadi water park. A Dubai Holiday is a must-do.

Excursions to the nearby cities: There are beautiful hiking and diving places all around the United Arab Emirates .There are the most beautiful diving places in the UAE, and many of them are not too far from Dubai. There are also many excursions to the nearby wadis or oasis, which act as a kind of sanctuaries for Dubai people and some of them, are really worth visiting.

Moreover, these are only a few examples of what you can do in Dubai. There are many more chances for you to see, hear and feel the life of Dubai. Make your Dubai holidays unforgettable enjoying all the fantastic attractions, be they manmade or natural, in and around this city. Dubai holidays are the best in the early spring months when the weather is not too hot yet.

Dubai Travel Guide : Dubai Adventure Travel

Adventure travel in the past few years has gained many fans. We can seek the excitement everywhere we go, let it be a place or a foreign country we do not know about. Adventure travel in Dubai is also having more and more fans. If you wish to try adventure travel in Dubai, do not hesitate to visit this beautiful land to see it yourself!

To talk about adventure travel in Dubai, first we must start with a basic introduction of the geography of Dubai, because this is quite an important factor in adventure travel. Dubai, as part of the seven emirates, which together called the United Arab Emirates, situates right next to Saudi Arabia, on the Arabic peninsula of the Middle Eastern region. Dubai is partly bordered by the sea and on the other side by the desert. These two are the leading motivations for one who wishes to see Dubai. The sea is beautiful offering many chances for ones to all the different water sports. Diving, scuba diving, sailing, or windsurfing are all very popular in this region, not to mention the more extreme water sports such as the waterskiing or skydiving over the sea while a boat is pulling us.

The other side of Dubai, not too far from the sea is the desert, in the middle of which Dubai had been built long ago. Desert offers various chances for ones to have some adventure travel while staying in Dubai. Apart from the famous camel–rides, now the desert offers such chances as sand ski or even to race in the sand by camel, one famous sport in Dubai, or by cars! The most beautiful desert of Dubai is Rub al Khali, the empty district, and is one of the deserts one can only see on postcards. It is really worth visiting! You can experience the feeling of people who used to walk through the desert in the sole company of their camels, even making journeys this way that lasted more weeks.

Those who are more into climbing can have great chances for adventure travel in Dubai if they make an excursion to the nearby lying Western Hajar Mountains. The mountains here offer great sites for ones who prefer hiking or climbing and for the lovers of rock-climbing too. The Western Hajar Mountains create a natural border between Dubai and Oman. Dubai is famous for its wadis, which means either valleys or riverbeds. They can be found all over the country, just ask a guide to show you some.

Dubai, according to its plans of the huge Dubailand plans to build several attractions specifically for those who would love to make their adventure travel in Dubai. There are chances for helicopter ride above the city too. In the popular Dubai Ski, one can also train for the ski season!

Offers for adventure travel in Dubai are continuously growing. Dubai in itself, offers so many attractions. Packed with beautiful sites, colourful parks and theme parks of all kind, with the beauty of its sea and beautiful sandy and rocky beaches, it creates a very memorable stay for everyone. Do not hesitate to make your adventure travel in Dubai; guarantee is that it will be your best holiday ever!

Dubai Travel Guide : Dubai Luxury Travel

Finding a bunch of offers on luxury travel in Dubai is not hard. Dubai, for the tourists is the luxury in itself, having made some hard efforts to offer the very best services, attractions and sites for all its visitors. Therefore, those, who are looking for tips on luxury travel in Dubai, will surely find hundreds of offers both in the catalogues of travel agencies and on the internet.

The word luxury can nowadays hardly put to description, as today, everything and anything can become “luxury” or “exclusive” by only for advertising reasons. However, the Arabic culture knows the real luxury, as well as they can enjoy luxury to its fullest. We might rather describe the way of living luxurious, as this is not solely up to money; it is up to the “joie de vivre” the “love of life” as the French say.

Luxury travel in Dubai has many aspects such as the way of travelling, the place you stay in, the things you do. However, never mix up luxury with trends. The secret of making a real luxury travel in Dubai lies in the fact that you are on a holiday, and in the freedom of your actions. If one feels like wanting to be the Lawrence of Arabica and goes to the Sahara for a week, it is luxury, because he or she does what he wants to and this is the simplicity, which lies in the meaning of luxury.

Dubai, as we might well know loves luxury, because they love the freedom of their actions. They like to make any dream come true, be it a luxury hotel above the clouds or another one under the water, or man-made islands in the shape of a palm tree and you can continue. Dubai loves to reach the unreachable and by this action, even the unreachable comes closer to become true. That is what luxury travel in Dubai is all about.

Luxury travel in Dubai is great because it can suit any touristic expectation. No matter if, one feels the best while staying in the most modern and most famous hotel, or if one prefers a private bungalow by the sea or if one wants to live in a traditional Arabic house, they all have the chance to do it. There is no such touristic program among the hundreds of offers, which would not suit one’s taste. However, one can also get a private guide and make self-tailored programmes. Some prefer group travels where they can talk to others and have some great time together. They have the choice to make it. That is the luxury, when one has the chance to do just what they want to do, how they want to do and where people are dealt with maximum respect and hospitality. These are all the factors, which give the key to the secret of the luxury travel in Dubai.

In case you would like to experience the meaning of luxury travel in Dubai, you have to see and feel all its beauty. You will get the most memorable moments when you see the sunset in the never-ending desert, when you visit the beautiful Grand Mosque, when you walk in an old souk smelling all the goods sold there from spices to meat, or when you hear the Adan of the Imam, calling Muslims for prayer. So come closer to experience the real luxury, the wonders of Dubai. Get on to a plane and visit this beautiful land, which in itself is the expert of luxury travel in Dubai.

Dubai Travel Guide : Dubai Golf Vacation

These times Dubai has become the new centre of golf in the Middle East, so golf vacation in Dubai is a great idea to do. With its great quality golf courses, Dubai is currently among the first ones who are housing the leading golf courses of the world. So do not hesitate if you are a golf lover who has come to have a golf vacation in Dubai. For sure, no time will be enough for you as Dubai has so much to offer for the fans of golf.

In the past few years, Dubai has decided to include golf among its main fields of specialization. This step can be due to the high numbers of English and Americans who settled down in Dubai. Dozens of high quality courses have started to be constructed, most of which are today in operation, welcoming all who would like to spend a great golf vacation in Dubai. If you want to play a lot of golf, then Dubai is the best place to be. Many complexes have golf among their attractions. There are many huge golf courses, which include hotels for the lovers of this noble sport.

Among the best golf courses, we can find the Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club situated in the nicest and greenest part of Dubai, hosting several international competitions and has many first class hotels in its surroundings, such as the Park Hyatt located just next to it. It is such a perfect place for a great golf vacation in Dubai.

Other high quality golf courses of Dubai are the Montgomerie, the Els Golf Club or the modern Al Hamra golf courses. All of these are very easily reachable as they situate in the downtown area of Dubai. All golf courses have designs made beautifully by international professionals with much care to give their best for golf-players. One can easily be a member of any of these golf clubs. Becoming a member will automatically enable them to merit the other attractions of a golf club, which mainly include the usage of the fitness centre together with the swimming pool area. One can also enjoy a great time in the clubhouses of these clubs. Most clubhouses offer accommodation for its members together with their families. What can be better than to enjoy a beautiful time during your golf vacation in Dubai?

Having a wonderful golf vacation does not mean that one should not try the other various attractions of Dubai, such as the desert Sahara or the Wild Wadi theme park or the Aquaventure or to see the cultural sites of this huge metropolis with the visiting of the Medina centres of Dubai. All these are a must-see for everyone who visits Dubai.

If you are dreaming of a perfect holiday while having the best chances to play in the most beautiful golf courses in the world, then have your golf vacation in Dubai. Spending your golf vacation in Dubai promises so much, apart from playing golf. It offers you the chance to enjoy the great hospitality of people and to come closer to get to know the culture of Dubai better.

Dubai Travel Guide : Dubai Hotels

Dubai is famous as the ‘City of Gold’ as it is an international hub for gold and gold jewellry. Dubai is one of the few places in the world that has seen developed rapidly within a very short span of time. It is the epicenter for trade and commerce as well as the international hub for the gold and diamond jewellery industry. Being an important tourist and holiday destination Dubai attracts tourists from all over the world. It is the perfect holiday and tourist destination because of its beautiful beaches, luxurious Dubai hotels, wonderful shopping malls, and an exciting nightlife. The growth of the tourism industry in Dubai in the past few years has been absolutely phenomenal, and this has had a direct impact on the hotel industry. The number of hotels in Dubai has shot up due to the rapid growth of the tourism industry.

Dubai is a place which caters to the needs of the visitors and tourists of all categories and classes. There are hotels which take care of the needs of the budget traveler and there are hotels that pamper the travelers staying in luxurious starred hotels. If you are rich or famous, and money is not a restraining factor, you can stay at the Burj Al Arab which is a 7-star hotel and the fourth largest hotel in the world! Of the other luxury hotels that cater to the upper class of people, one of them is Atlantis, the Palm which is a magnificent hotel that is located at the tip of the Palm Jumeirah’s Crescent. It is an absolutely wonderful place for you to stay during your holiday and needless to say the hotel provides all facilities. Some of the other hotels are Armani Hotel Dubai, Palm Tree Court and Spa, Kempinski Hotel Mall of the Emirates, and Hyatt Regency Dubai and Galleria.

You will notice that that there are also a large number of low-cost economy and budget Dubai hotels that cater to the needs of the budget travelers or people who have come to Dubai on family vacations. There are also a large number of hotels in Bur Dubai and Deira areas which are located quite close to Dubai International Airport and are well suited for business travelers and for tourists who would like to explore Dubai. Some of these budget hotels are the Traders Hotel Dubai by Shangri-La, the Riviera Hotel, the Radisson Blu Hotel in Dubai Creek, and the Sheraton Dubai Creek Hotel & Towers.

Many people come to Dubai on a holiday or a vacation with the sole idea of staying in one the beach hotels and enjoying the beauty of the sun, the sand, and the beautiful blue sea. There are a number of Dubai hotels – both luxury and budget which are situated on the pristine beaches of Dubai. Some these hotels are the Palm Tree Court & Spa Hotel, the Jumeirah Beach Hotel, the Le Meridien Beach Resort and spa, the Sheraton Jumeirah Beach Resort and Towers, and the Oasis Beach Hotel. But, if you would really like to stay in Dubai economically, either for a short-term stay or for a long-term stay, the best place to stay would be at one of the fully furnished serviced apartments available here.

Dubai Travel Guide : Dubai Nightlife

If you feel like tasting the Dubai nightlife, then for sure you will need your best dress, a good amount of cash and the pure will, in addition with some company to go with you. Dubai guarantees you a great time, no matter day or night. Dubai night clubs offer all sorts of music for the public, and although you may feel yourself limited when it comes to the consumption of alcohol in Dubai, yet let yourself be mesmerized by the rhythm and the atmosphere of Dubai clubs, and dance through the night.

Dubai with its redevelopment to be a tourist paradise, have successfully created a wide palette of all sorts of entertaining programs and places. The nightlife of Dubai nowadays is just as rich as its daily life, given that many places, even shops keep open even after 21:00 hours.

Most of the famous bars are part of the hotels. The simple reason is that the tourists need more entertainment. The other reason is the different law for hotels regarding the alcohol consumption. Thanks to the quantity and high quality of hotels, the choice of Dubai clubs and discos has been widened drastically in the last few years.

Today, you can visit all sorts of Dubai clubs, from the eccentric to the normal bar, from the highly chiselled Boudoir to the extravagant Trilogy or Zinc. Among the themed bars, we can set the Buddha Bar as the finest example. This place offers a relaxed way of night out, while the Kasbar has all the Moroccan cuisine and temperament on its side. The huge Atlantis Resort has its own disco called Sanctuary. All sorts of music are played at these places from underground technology hip-hop and most commonly, you will have a free drink included with your ticket.

There are some common rules regarding the dressing and behaviour rules in the Dubai night clubs. These are not too harsh however, with flip–flops and daily wear or shorts you will not be let in to any of the better discos. Here people like to show off their style and elegance, so keep up with this trend, so wear something long and elegant for a night out.

Even if you are a man or a woman, try to get a company at your hotel in order to get in. Many places do not favour single visitors, as mostly there are table orders, or 6 -8 people together in a group. If you still have no choice to find a suitable company, try it when queuing by the disco, if you see a good-looking group of tourists.

In addition, if you are still not 21, you will need to cancel this program. Sometimes even if you are past 25, you may need to do the same. U.A.E has some strict regulation concerning the Dubai nightlife. Take care with the tine-money context. Many clubs keep open only until 3 or 4 o’clock. If you feel like seeing discos of Pakistanis or Turkish or Indians, visit the Al Karama district the main hub of Indians and people from the surrounding districts.

Dubai Travel Guide : Dubai Dress Code

Dubai is considered as a liberal country regarding the other countries in the Middle East and concerning the Muslim countries too many of which still do not accept tourists in their regular Western wear. In order to become clear with the dress code rules, you must first have a clear vision with the Muslim codes. This is anyhow a must-do if you visit a Muslim country in the name of cultural understanding, in order to avoid any sorts of rudeness or even worse in a Muslim country. So let us see some of the dress codes and cultural rules of Dubai.

Muslim people just like Chinese and Japanese people regard politeness to be one of the greatest features. For a Muslim to have guest means that the Muslim man owes all his belonging and even life if needed for the protection of his guest as is the will of Allah. A guest brings luck and blessing to a home. For this reason, do not turn down if a Muslim invited you to their home. You can be more than sure that you will get the needed protection, tasty food and surrounded with smiles and kindness by all family members.

Muslim women according to the will of Allah are not allowed to show their hair, their curves when in public or when having any male guests. Some may not even show their face. This, contrary to the false belief of the West, is not because of the sad lives of women in a Muslim country, but in order to protect all sanctuaries of marriage, to protect every woman from any unwanted temptation. A man can only see his wife and women who are close relatives of him. Otherwise, he cannot see any other woman as his wife. Very often Muslim Arabic women fall pregnant shortly after getting married. If more children come, then the wife stays at home, where normally she lives with the older members of the family, whose women also taking care of the wife and all children of the family. Mostly a wife spends most of her time, taking care of the children, going shopping, cooking and chatting. That is the way of life in a Muslim country, and there is nothing bad in it.

Returning to the dress code, it is wise if women wear long dress or non-stretchy trousers, with some scarf or blouse on the shoulder. You must not show off your shoulders in presence of other men; it is not wise either to wear any type of miniskirts, even if you are a single and would want an Arabic hubby for you. Then, men in Arabic countries would simply think you are a prostitute. Therefore, wear long and lease clothes. It is also protective against the sun, not only all the glares. In addition, as part of a dress code, do not go out with any local man unless you know more about him, his family and so on.

In a Muslim country, women do not walk alone anywhere. In the older times, no Muslim woman could travel or go out alone. Nowadays, these rules are changing, thanks to some changes in the family values, but still most Muslim women do not go out alone anywhere. If you walk alone and you are a woman, make sure to wear either something authentic or similar. There are many street cafés in an Arabic country. Most cafés are exclusively for men. This is an unwritten rule. Do not sit down at a café unless you also see women sitting there. Usually there are some cafés exclusively for women and for tourists as well.

For men the dress code mostly means, not to wear anything that is too short, long hair for men is still a question. Some Arabic and Asian countries ban men with long hair from entering the country. So make sure to have a haircut. Men must dress well, not wearing flip-flops and swim shorts only at the beach. Many tourists have bad experiences, expecting the restaurants to welcome them in under casual dresses, or beach dresses.

If you go out in the evening, just make sure you are dressed up well and elegantly, otherwise you may not be able to enter many places. Dress code in Dubai is not strict, but everyone is expected to respect the others culture and dressing codes. It is very important never ever to disturb any Muslim women, and never to say any bad or funny things regarding the Muslim wear of men or women. This would be such an insult that can take you to the hospital and then to jail.

Dubai is a kind country, if you are also kind and have the social and cultural conscience for dealing with it. Dubai dress codes are not brutal or rude on any level. So read the basic dress codes of Dubai on what to wear and you will see everyone will be respectful and friendly with you, unless you are that too!

Dubai Travel Guide : Dubai Tourist Visa

Tourist visa is the easiest way to get to Dubai, so no wonder that this visa is currently the most popular visa to opt for even if someone is seeking to stay for a longer time. The Tourist visa can only be applied by a travel agency or by a hotel. Let us find out why.

The tourist visa is a visa that is used to enter Dubai for touristic reasons. This is the latest list of those nationalities that do not need to apply for a visa prior to their arrival:

– GCC Nationals as for the neighbouring Gulf countries: Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

– Europe: United Kingdom, France, Italy, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Luxemburg, Switzerland, Austria, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Portugal, Ireland, Greece, Finland, Spain, Monaco, Vatican City, Iceland, Andorra, San Marino and Liechtenstein.

– North America: USA and Canada

– Australia and New Zealand

– Far East: Japan, Brunei, Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong

Interestingly, the United Arab Emirates do not include North African or other Middle Eastern states like Turkey or Iran in this list. In addition, it is important to note, that due to any political reasons, upcoming political affairs, the above list can change in virtually any moment. You must contact with your nearest travel agency for information, even you are included in the list. It is essential that your passport have a minimum of 6 months validity counting from the date of planned departure from Dubai.

A tourist visa is eligible for 30 days. Most importantly, one cannot renew this visa but only change its status. Many, who go in Dubai in order to find jobs, when in possession of a work contract, change their tourist visa into a residence visa. This latter visa has strict requirements, about which you must ask the help of your future employer.

Everyone who applies for a tourist visa must know that going to any embassy straightaway will not result in visa. You must turn to an accredited travel agency or contact with your hotel in order to take the role of sponsor, which is not only essential, but also obligatory in order to enter Dubai.

Also, note that no additional visa issue can take place upon entering Dubai. Those who have previously planned an excursion to other countries should reconsider their plans. According to the sudden change of law in the United Arab Emirates, many tourists have found themselves in trouble, when they wanted to go back to Dubai, from a one or few day excursion taken to any of the neighbouring countries. They faced with the fact that they could not enter back and must opt for a new tourist visa.

For the application, you will need a copy of your passport and two passport-sized photographs, according to the general size of passport photographs. Some agencies deal with the issuing of UAE visa. These include Air Arabia offices all around the world and as said before, the accredited travel agencies. Contact your nearest offices for up-to-date information, so that you do not face any problems on the border of the airport.

Getting tourist visa in Dubai is not hard at all, as tourism is Dubai’s priority. They cannot make this harder, as this would deeply discourage anyone to travel to Dubai. The problem is with the politics of course, where situation might change from one day to the other. If you have been to Israel anytime, and the Israeli visa is in your passport, you for sure will not be entering in Dubai at all. So, do not forget to get fresh information about tourist visa before entering Dubai.

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Dubai Travel Guide : Dubai Travel Guide and Travel Information. Guide to Dubai Tourist Visa, Dubai Tourist Info, When Travel To Dubai, Dubai Weather, Cheap Dubai Holidays & Dubai Family Vacation. Visit Dubai to explore the most happening luxury tourist destination around the world. Get all the important information of the city at our site.

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