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Early Morning Desert Safari Tours Dubai

Morning Desert Safari Dubai Deals & Offers : Morning desert safari tour deals in Dubai with videos, prices, cost per person, deals, offers & reviews. Early morning desert safari Are you a morning person who is on a trip to Dubai? If your answer is in the affirmative, the expedition comes with a host of opportunities for some early morning fun in the desert. When the dawn breaks, this adventurous activity stands ready to get your adrenaline pumping. Well, it’s called early morning desert safari. Sounds interesting? Read on for more details. But, why are there early morning safaris? For a person who has landed in the desert kingdom to carry out some important work, thoughts of devoting enough spare time for recreational activities would be a big no-no! But, here is the good news. You can enjoy the sojourn through this early morning escapade and make enough memories. Many tour packages include early morning desert safari as a chief offering. The trip may usually start at five or six in the morning. A flurry of guaranteed attractions are going to fill your day ahead. The first one is the ethereal charm of the early morning sun. A chilly breeze tags along, which adds up to the dazzling experience. After this, you can experience the popular dune bashing in the desert. It is fun-filled to the core and allows you to relish every bit of the wilderness. Other activities include quad biking and sand boarding. The effort of riding a four-wheeled vehicle through an inhospitable terrain takes guts. So, get ready to vroom! Wondering what’s next? Camel riding is an option. The experience will take you back in time and give a glimpse of those bygone eras when people climbed on these animals and roamed around the vast sea of sand dunes, sand storms and deceiving oases. Hope you are ready to give it a shot. Sand-boarding is yet another thrilling event you can participate in. It is also known as sand surfing. You must have seen snowboarding in European countries. This is the idea, but the only difference is that sand boarding happens on sand boards. This can get dangerous if done sans precautions, but completely safe when coupled with necessary safety measures. Now, it’s time to take a break from all those high octane activities. You can cool off in the company of few feathered friends out there. Early morning is the best time to watch some of those rare migratory birds. There are many species and some of them are white-throated robin, the greater spotted eagle, scrub warbler, yellow wag tail and pallid scops owl. Do you think early morning desert safari is your cup of tea? It must be, if you are a compulsive early bird. This should be the only option for busy people who are on tight schedules. The trip gives you a taste of Dubai and unveils the best of this land, in a short span of time. You simply

have to look for the right tour package that provides you with enough water to quench thirst and food to nourish yourselves. Are you game? Then, gear up for the ride. http://www.desertsafaritours.com

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